Personal ASN Report

This is a page to display statistics on the usages of Personal ASNs, and their influence on the DFZ.
The scripts behind this site were written by Evan Pratten for use by AS398057 and sharing with the general networking community.

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The Leaderboard

The leaderboard is a collection of the best and worst ASes for various categories. Just because you are on this list, doesn't necessarily mean its because of a good reason.

Metric Winner(s) Info
Lowest AS number AS923 N/A
Highest AS number AS399760 N/A
Most IPv4 AS15562 263 /24
Most IPv6 AS59645 1048579 /48
Most Prefixes AS202246 1048596 /24 & /48
Most Announcements AS202256 431 Routes
Largest IPv4 AS15562 announcing /17
Largest IPv6 AS210312 AS57782 AS202246 AS41731 AS64478 AS200490 AS200278 AS206754 AS15490 AS48390 AS209114 AS212472 AS2613 AS34615 AS212855 AS57777 AS59645 AS59645 AS51345 AS31019 announcing /29
Most origins AS212276 AS213045 AS212123 AS209718 AS206271 AS206016 AS23428 AS203619 AS41666 AS203888 AS203458 AS202262 AS200676 AS50224 Prefix: 2a07:54c2:b00b::/48


RIR popularity:

RIR Count
RIPE 829
Unknown 1

Network types:

IP Version Count
IPv4 Only 40
IPv6 Only 180
Dual-Stacked 481
No Prefixes 213

RIPE LIRs sponsoring the most personal ASes:

LIR Count
Pascal Mathis trading as SnapServ Mathis 7
Cedric Rossius 2
June Slater 1
Misaka Network, Inc. 1
SpectraIP B.V. 1
Openfactory GmbH 1
Mythic Beasts Ltd 1
iFog GmbH 1
Hilko Boecker 1
Marco Sandro Naef 1

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ASNs by Country
ASNs by Country
Internet Protocol Version
Internet Protocol Version

IPv4-only Personal ASes

AS39192 AS203535 AS42495 AS11875 AS43011 AS43308 AS207193 AS137937 AS204526 AS44980 AS208612 AS212948 AS212118 AS202969 AS198014 AS24865 AS204883 AS202198 AS57267 AS2822 AS206294 AS30746 AS35121 AS60529 AS205810 AS211827 AS202634 AS50721 AS9017 AS198248 AS197160 AS208122 AS212513 AS209514 AS62374 AS50718 AS212249 AS56544 AS51424 AS8874 AS31592 AS212760 AS198713 AS52078 AS211975 AS211317 AS206203 AS1898 AS208021 AS212248 AS948 AS208241 AS212952 AS60802

Dormant Personal ASes

AS137943 AS205590 AS210285 AS137430 AS203801 AS137410 AS137582 AS51391 AS43607 AS205089 AS209874 AS209778 AS202039 AS206253 AS209658 AS132383 AS204624 AS203146 AS204893 AS205927 AS205908 AS58145 AS202656 AS209417 AS204585 AS49072 AS205240 AS204662 AS210234 AS205591 AS209869 AS43433 AS204909 AS205423 AS206226 AS202560 AS39765 AS60998 AS205777 AS205970 AS201129 AS205816 AS201048 AS204416 AS205165 AS62078 AS204443 AS205261 AS204625 AS210311 AS50798 AS209364 AS138006 AS203900 AS208919 AS41996 AS44794 AS48301 AS208634 AS208602 AS58235 AS209245 AS208707 AS200301 AS208487 AS208394 AS200842 AS208173 AS208264 AS49752 AS207759 AS207550 AS207612 AS49781 AS35008 AS207315 AS212921 AS208266 AS206639 AS212555 AS212546 AS207273 AS50555 AS212066 AS212084 AS212678 AS205642 AS212357 AS208580 AS211942 AS207887 AS212469 AS213263 AS50329 AS212290 AS212349 AS209623 AS50869 AS202314 AS207963 AS212347 AS213124 AS212715 AS196782 AS212733 AS49271 AS212448 AS209432 AS211852 AS212965 AS212231 AS211870 AS212007 AS212191 AS212594 AS213310 AS208242 AS44072 AS212541 AS212618 AS212543 AS213197 AS209496 AS208717 AS212569 AS211930 AS60927 AS211729 AS211703 AS213285 AS41225 AS212056 AS211553 AS213105 AS211284 AS211581 AS209186 AS399748 AS207358 AS211449 AS211738 AS41732 AS211851 AS211129 AS213388 AS210734 AS210777 AS211485 AS210645 AS213163 AS212792 AS210440 AS210408 AS210405 AS210401 AS210397 AS210386 AS210502 AS210376 AS210369 AS210320 AS209188 AS59450 AS205522 AS205387 AS210522 AS209401 AS211684 AS47831 AS210529 AS210934 AS207212 AS210887 AS207111 AS209267 AS206368 AS207529 AS210476 AS394112 AS205092 AS204936 AS204785 AS211575 AS204466 AS207708 AS13850 AS204181 AS204010 AS64264 AS203868 AS203529 AS205298 AS398057 AS203133 AS203113 AS203919 AS203069 AS202988 AS202649 AS202828 AS202248 AS203472 AS201988 AS202000 AS203414 AS51144 AS9423 AS200454 AS200266 AS200257 AS200256 AS201444 AS907

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